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Jenni grew up using humor in the same way. When she was 2, they left the big family security and moved to Scottsdale, AZ. When he was sober and and kind, Jenni took after him. One person by day. Mimicking and using wacky Warner Bros. Being a worry wort was an adaption from her mother.

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Jenni was defied as a " juvenile delinquent ". She used her friends to escape her father's drinking. Looking back, Jenni was a teenage Bitch. In high school, Jenni reversed her energy from a rebel into tennis. Playing competitively and " flipping the switch " on her life. Bridget is six months sober and starting to get her life back on track when she becomes the sole witness to a professional hit.

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She flees to New York, telling no one. In New York, Bridget TV-PG 30 min Comedy.

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The wacky escapades of brothers Shawn and Marlon Williams, along with their wise but eccentric father. Each week Ashton and his crew of pranksters play a joke on celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Frankie Muniz. TV 60 min Reality-TV. Just when America's favorite house flipper thinks his life could not be any more chaotic, Jeff Lewis embarks on the most unpredictable challenge yet - fatherhood.

When two comic book fanboys discover a secret hospital for superheroes, they're offered the job of a lifetime and get the chance to "save the people who save people. Centers on ultra-competitive fraternal twins Lindy and Logan Watson who navigate high school together with their best friends. From the producers of Lost and Alias and the screenwriter of City of Angels and For Love of the Game comes a contemporary, heartwarming ensemble show about a group of supportive friends in Pre-show video that plays before Universal Orlando's Revenge Of The Mummy Ride documents the strange going-ons on the set of The Mummy films as the cast and crew discuss whether or not the curse is real.

Michael Carone , Stephen Sommers Stars: Underground 2 entails tuning cars for street races, while resuming the Need for Speed: The game provides several new features, such as a broader customization, new methods of selecting races and more. Chuck Osieja , Tom Raycove Stars: Late one night, eight guys are sitting around at a cigar club in Beverly Hills, smoking cigars, playing high-stakes poker, and complaining about how, in life, men always seem to get PG 76 min Animation, Family.

A baby wolf is left on the doorstep of the three little pigs, so they raise him as their own.

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Baker , Arish Fyzee Stars: G 80 min Animation, Family. After one race where the fastest fable alive was beaten by the slowest fable alive, compete against each other again through the most dangerous race in the world with there only child! Who Will Win the race?


Fox , Adam Friedman. G 79 min Animation, Family. When spoiled popstar Goldilocks agrees to a reality show where she lives with a family of three bears, neither party knows what they're getting into! Still reeling from emotionally charged romantic breakups, Bob and Mike are willing to try anything, even spirituality, to get their exes back. G 80 min Animation.

Inspired by his mentor Aristotle, young Alexander wishes to become a hero like the legendary Achilles. When his father, King Philip, is killed by the wicked Emperor Darius, the young king R 99 min Comedy, Music, Romance.

R 89 min Comedy, Romance. A romantic comedy about a man, a woman, and their dogs. Steven Merritt, a research obsessed writer is mistaken for being gay by Rebecca, a young veterinarian assistant. He decides to play This is the true story of the Christmas Truce of , when British and German soldiers on the Western Front put down their guns and played a game of soccer in "No Man's Land. Twenty five year old, mentally challenged, Brandon Strobel wants be famous, so he decides to video tape every part of his life, including his recent actions as a small time convenience store robber.

R 29 min Short. The Love Echo is the not true story of the rise and fall? Jon Harrison Taylor Stars: Meet Jeff Lewis, a successful real estate developer coping with multiple neuroses and a staff struggling to keep up with his demanding expectations. Brian Krinsky , George Woolley Stars: Paul feels depressed when his divorce is finalized, so Carter feigns heterosexuality to help him play the dating game.

Charlie and Caitlin have a flashback to their first meeting - in during a political event for Michael Dukakis. Jeff finally sells his Commonwealth home with plans to move into Valley Oak, the only problem is that Ryan already has plans to sell the home. Property-rich and cash-poor Lewis relies on his powers of negotiation to keep his projects afloat as he pits potential buyers against each other and struggles to keep his contractors in Marlon's new role as the breadwinner goes to his head, making life miserable for Shawn.

The Sliders arrive on a world where World War II never took place and fascists rule California and are making headway into the rest of the United States.