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Your bills are covered in your accommodation payment at selected intervals during your college year. Electricity, oil, and internet are all covered, making your usage pretty much unlimited.

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Living on campus definitely helps in terms of making friends. You are placed in a house, usually with people that you have never encountered before. Many people make friends for life out of their housemates. You will see your neighbours on a regular basis, eventually persuading them into becoming your friend too!

You never quite feel alone when you are living campus. You are completely surrounded by people who are in the exact same boat as you. Those sunny days where everyone hangs out on the green will become some of your fondest college memories. All campus accommodation at the University of Limerick is usually within a fifteen to twenty minute walk of the campus or less. Knowing that you can hit home for a bit of lunch between lectures also prevents ridiculously spent money on food that you know you have sitting at home anyhow. Every bit helps after all!

Security is extremely comforting when coming in late at night. Knowing someone is always there to help in case of an emergency makes you feel a lot safer.

Security often get a bad name for crashing parties and cracking down on any bit of fun, but once you respect them, they will respect you. They are just doing their job. Your safety is in their best interest. The internet is extremely rapid, hardly ever causing any hassle to residents. It is the same wifi used throughout the University of Limerick as it is for on-campus accommodation.

One of the greatest advantages residents of on-campus villages in the University of Limerick have is their free membership to the state-of-the-art sports arena and swimming pool. Your usage of the facility is unlimited. It is a luxury only those on campus can enjoy free of charge. Between the gym, swimming pool, sauna, basketball courts and sports halls, the choice of how you exercise and relax is endless.

Your free time is instantly maximised if you live on campus. You will have more time to visit friends, join clubs and societies, go to library or start the gym.

Being Single at University Vs. Being in A Relationship

The on-campus accommodation is extremely modern, with Plassey Village and Kilmurry Village being recently refurbished in the past two years. The exterior and interior of all villages are built with the student in mind. The rooms are suitable to all your needs with suitable storage, plugs, lamps, large desks and comfortable beds. Each house is equipped with essential modern and contemporary utensils and electrical appliances. It makes settling into the new chapter of your life, that much smoother.

Living on campus has plenty of advantages, however there are some pitfalls as with everything in life. Dating while in school can be quite tricky, and can bring forth a lot of challenges. I have been in a relationship with the same person for almost five years now — since my fourth year of high school.

Although I am definitely not the same person that I was back then, being in a relationship has worked for me. First, one must deal with the main part of every relationship: All you want to do is spend time with the person you have met, and everything else comes second. This can, evidently, have a negative impact on your grades and extracurricular activities. Second, being in a relationship changes your social life — something that is very important to most college students.

Long Distance Relationship: Pros and Cons | HuffPost

For example, going out to bars with your single girlfriends. You may also feel the need to mention to every guy you speak to that you have a boyfriend right off the bat, so as not to accidentally lead them on, which can also be awkward. Just like the beginning of a relationship, the end of one can have a serious impact on your life.

The symptoms of heartbreak can make studying, and even going to class, very difficult to accomplish, and can have a negative impact on your grades. Relationships mean taking risks, and having to make sacrifices. All people and relationships are different; some may be a little more dramatic than others.

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Your priorities may also affect whether a relationship in university would work for you. If you are set on going out every few days, or if you spend all of your time studying, relationships may not be right for you during university. Still, only you can know for sure. I think that the only way of finding out what makes you happy and successful in your studies is to try it out and see for yourself.

Guy Advice: High School to College Dating!

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