Ohio law for dating a minor

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  • Minors 15 and Under.

Dad has given conditional consent telling her she has to wait until she is an adult, until then dad has say. Can't you wait until she is 18? If you are afraid her love and afeciton for you will diminish waiting less than 1 year, that doesn't say much about your relationship. Dating a minor in Ohio platonic Like I said, I'm not asking her to ever break curfew or ever break her parents rules.

When she says she'd like to hang out, I simply say okay.

I'm not a bad person, or in any way attempting to influence this girl. Now I know the consequences, thank you. I can wait til we're 18 to see each other.


But when she asks if I'd like to meet her at a movie or something, I simply say yes. I never tell her to lie or anything to her parents to see me, ever. Join Date Aug Posts 3. Dating a minor in Ohio platonic Innocent: I am now in the problem as you, I am dating a wonderful girl, however she is 17 and I am I am not sexually active with her, but her father wants to press charges to keep me away from her. If we are just seeing eachother for dates, can I get in trouble. Join Date Feb Posts 2, Prison and sex offender registry is that clear enough?

The legal age of consent in Ohio is There are others that you could be at risk of facing, resulting in, once again, jail. It doesn't matter if you look like you are It doesn't matter is she looks like she is ANY contact that could be construed as sexual including kissing, hugging, carressing, snuggling, even holding hands is illegal.

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  8. If you are so inclined to wait, why are you asking what could happen if you don't? If you "love" her, let her grow up. If her parents don't want you near their little girl, you better abide by that order. They can get a restraining order. If you break that, you go to jail.

    Handgun Laws For Minors Under 21 & Open Carry

    Last edited by mommyof4 ; , How do you catch a very rare rabbit? So lets say you two go out But you are young and in love You two have a nasty break up because you said she looked fat in her new pants. She decides that the guy she met on spring break is actually a better prom date because he won't be confused for a teacher.

    You just put your entire future in the hands of an unstable pre adult! Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable. I am not now nor ever was an attorney. Any statements I make are based purely upon my personal experiences and research which may or may not be accurate in a court of law. Last edited by kelly abernathy ; , Hey everyone, thanks for the replies. So if we wanted to try and make this work in time, I guess the best route to take would be the following: Wait until she's 16 soon. We can date then, but don't do anything more than hugging and kissing.

    Of course, with her guardian's blessing only. Just for the record, you only have to commit one murder to be a murderer or molest one child to be a child molester. That would include hugging and kissing.

    Dating a Minor in Ohio (Platonic)

    That means no touching Then what exactly is this legal age of consent mean? If there is an age difference of less than four years between the victim and the perpetrator, then the perpetrator may end up in prison for a total of six months.

    1. What Is the Age of Consent for Sex in Ohio?.
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    6. However, if the perpetrator is a decade or more than the victim, then the perpetrator could face a total of 20 years in prison. Facing any jail time is scary, especially if that time is a decade or more. The best way to deal with being accused of statutory rape in Ohio is to contact an Ohio attorney right away.

      Dating a minor in Ohio question.

      A local lawyer skilled in criminal defense can help you defend yourself against statutory rape claims and avoid receiving the maximum sentence. Can't find your category? Speeding and Moving Violations.