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So HalyPooH over on DeviantArt made a fabulous drawing of Ferb and Vanessa in the snow for me link in my profile , and in thanks, I offered to write a story based on a prompt she gave me. Vivian has a date tonight, so Isabella would just be home alone otherwise. I'll leave some money for you two to order pizza," Linda asked, putting her earrings in.

I'd love to have Isabella over. You're okay leaving the two of us alone? Linda paused, looking at her son. Did you two finally start dating when I wasn't looking? Have a good time with the Johnsons, and good luck working out the wedding details. Perry landed his hang glider, folded it up, and stashed it behind a bush.

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Today's fight against Dr. Doofenshmirtz had been harder than most, and he'd taken a few more hits than usual, but he'd be fine in the morning; one of the perks of the mental and physical enhancements the OWCA had given him was faster healing. He'd seen the boys' parents leaving as he'd been approaching home, and now saw that Isabella was coming across the street to visit.

With Candace living elsewhere, and Ferb off at summer camp Perry smiled at the thought; he liked Isabella, and was pretty sure that Phineas liked her. Spending time with her always made Phineas happy, and that was a good thing in Perry's book. He dropped to all fours as Isabella approached the door, waddling up behind her as she knocked. Phineas opened the door and welcomed Isabella, then saw him and said, "Oh, there you are, Perry.

Hey, you look like you've got a cut on your head there. Isabella turned and picked the platypus up, saying, "Yeah, you do. Let's go see what we can do to treat that.

You semi-aquatic mammals always love your baths. Perry relaxed in Isabella's grip as Phineas got the bath ready. A warm bath and attention from Phineas and Isabella made this sound like a very pleasant night. Isabella lowered him into the warm water, and Phineas leaned over to wash the cut, bumping his hip into Isabella by accident; Isabella smiled and bumped him back with her hip, causing Phineas to laugh. Phineas flicked a little water at Isabella, who giggled and lightly splashed him back. Perry sighed happily and sank into the water.

This isn't the first time he's come back from Phineas thought for a second, and smiled.

We can build a time-tracker to figure out where he went today! After we give him his bath. If they figure that out I need to stop them somehow. He looked around desperately. If I get them too distracted with each other, they'll never finish building it. He tried to think what he knew of human mating rituals, and looked at the situation; both of them were bent over the tub. Maybe if I get Isabella wet, so her clothes cling a bit That was simple enough.

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If that's even a word. I just don't think we can hide it for much longer. We're older now, maybe everyone will except that we have fallen in love and not try and change our minds. I realised what was happening.

They were hiding their relationship because they thought everyone would say they were too young for love! HA everyone knew already that they were in love, just not that they were together! We can tell them if you want. I was happy for the two, admitting their love for each other.

Date To Remember Chapter 1, a phineas and ferb fanfic | FanFiction

I can't believe they fooled us for a year! Candace walked over to Phineas and Isabella as they kissed again. She stood a few feet away and cleared her throat. It was quite comical seeing the couple jump apart, eyes bulging out of their sockets. They action was so fast, Phineas ended up landing on his butt. Both girls rushed to help the boy up, each grabbing onw of his hands.

I always knew you to would end up together! They looked at each other with relief.

In a few minutes? You fooled us for a whole year! In the universe even! The best relationships start out as just friends. Everyone already knows you care for each other very deeply, and you shouldn't care about what others think.

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Anyway, since when have you and your friends ever cared about being too young to do anything? You've proved the impossible many times this summer, and falling in love so young isn't impossible. There's no one you can ride with? Inside the house, the boys' big sister, Candace, was walking past the glass door in the living room when something caught her eye.

Normally, it would've been the large contraption in the backyard, however, this time Candace stopped to look and listen to what Phineas and Isabella were saying. Isabella said, now getting frustrated, "Of course you would.

Phineas looked up to see Ferb on the roof of the tunnel with his welding mask on. He said slowly with slight awkwardness in his tone, "Oh… Well I know that Ferb and I do pretty much everything together, but I think riding through the tunnel together would just be… well…". Isabella was ready to rip her hair out by now. Will you ever get it! Isabella's fingernails dug into her palms and she ran out in a huff.

From the living room, Candace's jaw dropped in disbelief. She then threw open the glass door and stepped out. Candace, hands on her hips, said loudly, "Oh my gosh! Are you really that oblivious, Phineas? That was why she was so angry? Candace slapped her palm over her face.

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Phineas paused for a moment and then asked, "Wait. How did you know all this just happened? Candace, were you spying on us? Has that ever occurred to you? Ferb, noticing the sudden look of dilemma on his brother's face, put down his welding equipment and climbed down the ladder to join him. Who would've seen that one coming? He was still distracted. This is gonna be so great! My little brother on his first date! Just In All Stories: