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The role was originated by Nancy Sloan from Katie is the youngest sibling of Brooke , Donna and Storm. She was raised in San Fernando Valley, California. In the start of the series, Katie felt as if she were in the shadow of older sisters Brooke and Donna, which, along with a bad case of acne, made her feel insecure. Donna talked her friend, Rocco Carner , into asking Katie out to boost her morale. Katie considered Rocco her boyfriend and couldn't see that Rocco was more interested in Donna.

Katie was furious when she caught Donna and Rocco kissing. Katie forgave them, but Rocco wanted to marry Donna, and put an engagement ring in Katie's coat pocket, thinking the coat was Donna's. Katie found the ring and assumed it was for her.

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Rocco struggled with how to let Katie down easy. Once he did, Katie was hurt, but soon able to move on with Kurt, a college classmate. Katie and Donna were thrilled when they received an "anonymous" tip that Stephen, who had walked out on the Logans years before, was in Arizona. Stephen and Beth indeed reconciled, then moved to Paris.

In , Katie arrived for Donna's wedding to Thorne Forrester. But Katie overheard Donna admitting that she was only marrying Thorne as a way of getting back at Stephanie for hurting Brooke. Donna ignored Katie's pleas to be honest with Thorne, so Katie went to Thorne herself, and the wedding was called off.

Katie had become skilled in public relations while she was away, so when Forrester Creations offered her a PR position, Katie decided to stay in Los Angeles. Katie's brother, Storm, shot Stephanie and framed Stephen for the crime. When it was discovered that Storm pulled the trigger, Katie convinced Stephanie not to press charges. But Storm was on a downward spiral, and took a gun to the home of Ashley Abbott , who had broken up with him. Katie followed him there, and Storm's gun went off in the struggle. Katie was critically wounded and not expected to live. A remorseful Storm, who knew Katie needed a heart transplant, took his own life in order to donate his heart to her.

Katie was devastated, although grateful for her brother's ultimate sacrifice.

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  • When Katie's body rejected Storm's heart, Katie's doctor niece, Bridget Forrester , researched ways to help Katie accept the transplant. This included giving Katie the high school prom she never had, and sending her to Catalina Island, where Katie fell for Nick. Bridget came through with a therapy for Katie, who recovered. Nick and Bridget got married, and Katie hid her feelings, even officiating at their wedding.

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    A few weeks later, Katie discovered she was pregnant. It was revealed that Nick had honored Katie's dying wish on Catalina and made love to her. Bridget left Nick and Katie to have their baby together, though Nick's mother, Jackie Marone , disapproved. Soon after, Katie miscarried.

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    • She briefly dealt with it by fixating on Nick's son, Jack, but bounced back when Nick proposed. On Katie's wedding day, Jackie and Bridget blasted Katie for her betrayal. Katie regretted destroying Bridget's marriage, and postponed the wedding.

      Katie noticed that Nick was still drawn to Bridget, who had left medicine and was designing with Nick. Bill chose not to take advantage of Katie in her impaired state. Katie added modeling to her resume at Forrester, and started seeing Bill, who told her she got past his armor like no woman had.

      Bill declared his love and recognized that Katie wanted to do something important, given her second chance at life.


      At Forrester, Katie put Donna and Brooke in leadership positions when the Forrester men refused them, and struggled to keep the peace between the Logans and the Forresters , who tried to sabotage the company with an ugly fashion line. Meanwhile, Bill's wandering eye turned to young Steffy Forrester , who had kissed Bill before his wedding.

      Katie never knew that the reason Bill put the company back in Forrester hands was because Steffy had gotten a hold of Katie's engagement ring in Bill's bedroom and used it to blackmail him. Later, when Bill discovered that Liam Cooper was his son, Katie encouraged a father-son relationship between them. Katie discovered another side to Bill when he plotted to kill Amber Moore , who claimed Liam was her baby's father. Detesting violence because of what happened with Storm, Katie walked out and refused to return until Bill agreed to therapy. After a few sessions with Dr. Brooke and Thorne conspired together to make sure that Ridge and Taylor stay apart.

      Brooke then announced her own pregnancy and that Ridge was the father; Taylor soon discovered that Brooke was faking a pregnancy to marry Ridge and after Brooke had overheard that Taylor was having Ridge's child. While on her way to the wedding, Taylor unexpectedly went into the labor and gave birth to her son in the back of Thorne's car with his help. The truth soon came out and Ridge annulled his marriage to Brooke and returned to Taylor.

      Ridge and Taylor named their son Thomas after St. Thomas, where Ridge first proposed to Taylor. In , Taylor and Ridge were overjoyed when Taylor found out she was pregnant with twins. However, Taylor contracted tuberculosis from a homeless man and refused treatment, fearing it would harm her unborn babies.

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      Taylor got sick and almost died and out of desperation, asked her rival, Brooke, to look after Ridge if she something happened to her. Taylor then flatlined and died, but had an out-of-body experience before being revived by the doctors. She then gave birth to healthy twin daughters, Steffy and Phoebe Forrester. Brooke was at it again by chasing Ridge, so Taylor reluctantly agreed to take part in a scheme devised by Massimo Marone and Stephanie.

      All Taylor had to do was convince Brooke to move to Paris to be with her "dying" father, Stephen Logan. Soon the scheme fell apart after Brooke was injured after falling off the Eiffel Tower and Ridge told Brooke about the scheme that Massimo, Stephanie, and Taylor planned. The scheme put Ridge and Taylor's marriage in jeopardy, but ultimately Ridge chose to be with Taylor, leaving Brooke heartbroken.

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      In , Taylor befriends her sister-in-law, Amber Moore , the wife of Rick Forrester and even offered a home for Amber to help her fight her addiction to painkillers after she had miscarried her and Rick's child. When Amber was arrested for vandalism and drug possession, Taylor believed her innocence and soon discovered that a young woman named Erica Lovejoy, who was taking a liking to Rick, was actually Mary Carter Warwick , the daughter of Sheila Carter and James Wawick.

      Sheila wanted to give Erica the life she once had while married to Eric and convinced her daughter to seduce Rick, despite him being married to Amber. Sheila then kidnapped Amber and held her captive, but she was rescued by Massimo and Stephanie. When Taylor found out Sheila was free, she rushed over to the mansion to warn Eric, but is too late as she walks in seeing Sheila holding Eric at gunpoint.

      Sheila eventually sees Taylor and forces her to stand by Eric. Taylor did her best to talk Sheila out of shooting them for the sake of Erica.

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      Sheila was almost ready to give up the gun, but is startled when Brooke suddenly arrived at the mansion to pick up a baby bottle she had left behind. During the struggle, both Brooke and Taylor are shot by Sheila and rushed to the hospital. Brooke makes a full recovery from her wound and Taylor manages to survive the surgery, but eventually dies from her injuries in Ridge's arms. Taylor really only went into a coma, and Prince Omar, who was still obsessed with her, had her abducted from the hospital, bringing in some of the best doctors from around the world to save her.

      Ridge later married Brooke, who stepped in as a mother for Taylor's children as well as her own kids.